Marriage, Family & Relationships

Tyndale Fellowship Quadrennial Conference - BOOKING STILL AVAILABLE

4th-7th July 2016

What is the Tyndale Fellowship Quadrennial Conference?


For our quadrennial event, the Tyndale Fellowship study groups are uniting

to unpack the theme Marriage, Family & Relationships. Itís a four day

challenging, more in-depth conference aimed for those looking to engage at

an academic level.


Many ethical and theological issues face the contemporary church in the area 

of Marriage, Family & Relationships and it is the purpose of this joint

conference of the Tyndale Fellowship study groups to examine these. Other

contexts may be appropriate for debating numerous alternative views, but the

purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for those who are committed

to historic Christian positions on marriage and family. 


The goal is to re-examine the exegetical basis in Old and New Testaments,

the hermeneutical soundness of the historic Christian teaching, and to

re-articulate the tradition for the contemporary church in the light of

contemporary views. Tackle the issues with us over four days. Come once and youíll want to become a regular!


Where is it?


The Tyndale Fellowship Quadrennial Conference is at High Leigh Conference Centre in Hertfordshire, EN11 8SG, a quality conference centre with 40 acres of gardens.


When is it? 


For our quadrennial event, all Tyndale Fellowship study groups are uniting from Monday 4th July to Thursday 7th July 2016.


How much does it cost?


The standard residential fees are listed below. This fee includes three nights bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner and attendance at study groups.


Single Occupancy Ensuite £375

Shared Ensuite £315

Single Occupancy Non-Ensuite £275 - SOLD OUT

Shared Non-Ensuite £245 - SOLD OUT


Online Booking Here


or Booking form can be downloaded here.




Confererence Fee







The Tyndale Fellowship is a fellowship of Christians engaged in biblical and theological research. Its aim is to promote the Christian faith through careful study done in a spirit of loyalty to the historic Christian faith as enshrined in the Ecumenical Creeds of the Church and the Reformation Settlements. Its members accept the theological position of Tyndale House.

Tyndale Fellowship members include evangelical scholars from all over the world. Scholars involved in biblical research or university-level teaching are invited to apply for membership, with the support of an existing member. Members receive a free subscription to the Tyndale Bulletin, free admission at Tyndale House Library for up to ten days a year, occasional newsletters, and an invitation to the annual study groups.

For over sixty years the Tyndale Fellowship and Tyndale House have been closely associated. Further information about the work of Tyndale House is available on its website.

Closely associated with the work of the Tyndale Fellowship is the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics (KLICE). For further information, please visit their website.

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