Method to make a party backdrop stand

Party backdrops are the point of interest for any birthday celebration. They often reside behind a cake desk but once in a while even stand on their very own.

Party backdrops are awesome for a picture again drops, cake table again drops or once in a while even to strategically hide matters or set a mood.

There are such a lot of exceptional ways to make a celebration backdrop stands. The following are awesome DIY birthday party backdrop ideas:

DIY Party Backdrop Ideas

Custom Printed

You can use a backdrop stand and a custom revealed vinyl backdrop to do a party backdrop. You’ll want a trusty metal body telescoping backdrop stand that’s for putting in for each birthday celebration.

You can locate backdrop designs on Etsy to go with your celebration topic or you can make your very own layout in Photoshop.

It’s generally recommended getting the banner revealed in a square that is the same width of the table or larger.

If you are a professional birthday celebration stylist, it’s an awesome alternative for your customers and you may use your backdrop stand again and again.


You can use sheer curtains as a backdrop for a celebration. Usually, you cling them from the backdrop stand or you can also create a PVC backdrop stand.

You also can try the use of bathe curtains, tablecloths, or material. You can hold a foam or poster reduce out in the front of your material in case you are looking to upload more to it.

Foam Board

If you are designing a smaller cake table this is going to be in opposition to a wall you can use huge foam board, or several taped together, to create a backdrop that sits on the pinnacle of the table and leans towards the wall.

You can cowl it with a cloth and add cardstock, flowers, or pinwheels to it.


This one can be a piece tricky to transport because it is not simply length adjustable however you can create a backdrop from insulation.

DIY party backdrop

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is an honestly unique manner to create a backdrop directly on the wall. It takes a chunk of time to line up but all you want is a few exact tapes.

If achieved right, it simply looks just like wallpaper that fits your subject.

Decorate the Wall:

If you have a nice solid shade painted wall, you can upload decor without delay to it with command strips.

There’s such a lot of possibilities here, it’s pretty actually a blank canvas. Some thoughts for redecorating a blank wall are balloon garlands, letter balloons, acrylic letters, vinyl letters, or banner.

In conclusion, there so many methods to make a celebration backdrop and save on costs.